Young hungry free v.2

If you're on my instagram already (@itsfranxcesca), you would have seen me posting a couple of OOTDs featuring Young Hungry Free! One of my all time favourite sponsor!

IMG_8206 IMG_8220

Never had a lace dress before and i can never imagine myself in one but i love this to bits!!! It looks really good with boots too! I wish i managed to get the one in black as well but it was sold out and this white piece was the last available piece :(

IMG_7993 SAM_2541 SAM_2543 SAM_2545

Capes. I love capes. They make me feel....special somehow. And safe. They make me feel like little red riding hood. The material is thick enough for slightly cooler weather and i can't wait to bring them with me to Korea late this month weeeeee. Not sure if they are still available on backorder but go check it out and get it if you haven't already! You don't wanna miss this piece it's too preeetttyyy (☆^ー^☆)

*Products are sponsored but all opinions are entirely my own


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