I recently came across a super cool new brand called NICCE. NICCE was founded in East London only a year ago and already it's started to make a name for itself; it's simplistic, unisex designs make it the perfect answer to a stress free wardrobe!

Although I do enjoy putting outfits together for shoots, I actually really struggle when it comes to dressing myself. I get overwhelmed when faced with too many colours or patterns, so for everyday dressing I tend to just stick to a strict palette of black, grey and navy… (unless anything else catches my eye of course), and I like simple shapes that speak for themselves so don't need too many accessories. I LOVE a one or two piece outfit, just a simple a-line dress with a cardigan for example, or a baggy jumper over skinny jeans. That's why I'm so pleased I discovered NICCE, I love how simple their designs are and they hane a very basic palette.

I've already got a wish list of things I want for my birthday, including this great lightweight mac, which is so perfect for British weather, and also these jogging bottoms, which look so comfortable!

As I mentioned before, I moved house recently…. it's a great place with a lot of character and I'm living with some amazing friends so am looking forward to a great year ahead! This road is just around the corner from my new house, it's really pretty with lovely gardens and big houses so great for outfit snaps! I've also planned a shoot in the area for next weekend - cross your fingers for good weather!


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