This is my final post from Berlin I'm afraid… tomorrow I'm off to Glastonbury festival though so thought it best to get all of these photos up so I can waste no time in sharing my Glasto experience with you when I return next week! Goodness, I'm so excited - even though the weather forecast has already promised rain! :(

Anyway, I almost forgot to show you my beautiful new skirt from Jigsaw; isn't this just the most gorgeous colour you've ever seen!? It's so rich and vibrant, I was drawn to it on the website immediately and felt like it would really compliment a lot of my other clothes. Because it's beaded it feels rather "dressy" but I may bring it to Glastonbury anyway and try wearing it in a more relaxed way... I really love the shape too, it's very flattering.

Farewell, speak to you next week! x  


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