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Hi guys!
It's Monday again and i'm pretty sure most of you are already feeling the blues so i'm here to help chase the blues away and to do that, there's nothing better than..... Shopping!!!

Today i'm gonna introduce y'all to SHOPELVER!


"Elver the new online blogshop that caters women fashion from casual to occasion. Pricepoint varies from $25 onwards not more than $30.

Elver does not only cater women fashion, Most importantly, we take care of every consumers needs therefore we offers a range of fashion forward pieces.

What important is we always take in consumer comments to improve ourself. Therefore, feel free to tell us what you like and what you prefer we will improve on it!"

They are a newly launched online blogshop and the owners at ShopElver are really sweet to send me 4 pieces of clothing from their 2nd collection and i must say, i'm impressed! They are so efficient i tell you. They replied my emails and mailed my package out so promptly! If i'm not wrong i think i received it the day after they mailed it out?

Talk about efficiency and reliability ;)

1. Navy Blazer


So glad to receive this piece since i've no navy blazer and always wanted to get one, plus this piece here isn't crazy thick and stiff like some blazers are which makes it perfect for our weather and o-k to throw on even on days you feel like you're gonna melt anytime

2. Frisky Printed Knot Top


This knot top is perfect with either shorts or skirts! So versatile!!! I wanted to wear it with a straw hat to act a bit hahaha but i couldn't find any zzz

3. Apt Cosmic Top


Definitely for every cosmic lovers out there. Plus it has a drop back which i love! And if you don't already know i hate wearing another layer under sheer clothings and this top is only slightly see-through... At least the sheerness is what i can accept so yup another + point!

And lastly... 4! Tulip Shorts


My favourite piece out of all 4!!! Surpisingly. When i recieved it i was like "hmm what do i match this with?", "will it fit me???!" because all my shorts are denim, if not mostly plain and simple ones. I was never into huge printed shorts and i don't really like high waisted shorts and i always have a problem with sizings for my bottoms but when i tried this pair on i was like.....



I normally wouldn't even give shorts like that a second glance but this... I love this!! Hehehehe


For latest updates (a new collection coming up soon!), you can drop by and "Like" their facebook page -


And for you readers only, simply "Like" & "Share" their facebook page and quote 'itsfranxcesca' for $2 off your purchase!

I hope we put a smile on your face and chase your blues away! Happy shopping :-)


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