Bits and pieces

xSDC14439 xSDC14435 xSDC14473 xSDC14455 xSDC14451 xSDC14447 xSDC14446

hahahahaaha this is damn cute?

xSDC14691 xSDC14688 xSDC14686 xSDC14658 xSDC14654 xSDC14653 xSDC14656 xSDC14650 xSDC14648 xSDC14645 xSDC14636 xSDC14634 xSDC14632 179831_10150097248325897_722085896_6075934_7570763_n 181745_10150097324790897_722085896_6077064_4266583_n SDC14584 SDC14610 xSDC14608 xSDC14596 xSDC14609

Bits and pieces of February

All i hope is to be able to complete every single thing i want to do on my To-do list before Y3 starts.
2 more weeks... Just 2 more weeks and i'll settle down and get busy.

Question: Should I keep my bangs or grow it out?


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