Clockwise L-R — Clare Vivier Bando Bag, Canon Powershot G12, YSL Ring, JC Nation, JC Clark, Chloe EDP, Karen Walker Shades, Monki Betty Bra, MBMJ Large Blade Watch, Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch

This list is one of my motivation slash reminder to not spend so much $ on random stuffs and online shops. I think there are like 3 more wishlists in my folder? And everything is like more expensive than the other hahahaha haiya...... I see see daydream about holding the bando bag or wearing the boots or having a new scent on me also shiok right???!

Anyway most of you might have already seen the 'Strangers, again' video on youtube or facebook or twitter but in case you haven't, you might want to watch it.........

.....and be mentally prepared. Especially for couples out there or the newly singles. This video made me tear a lil and got quite paranoid cause like now i'm constantly worrying and wondering if Jens is now at the 'Tolerating' stage, tolerating all my nonsense. :( But sometimes i just can't help myself. When i'm with him, i'll just turn into this annoying bitch and annoys the hell out of him. Sometimes i can't even stand myself and have to force myself to shut up.

I'm not kidding.

But anyhow it's good you see this cause now you know what might break your r/s and you can avoid it!!!!!!!!! I know you can't avoid some things in life, like if it's gonna happen, it will happen but then again you know~~~~

On a totally different matter, I REALLY LIKE Cathy Nguyen (female lead in Strangers again)!!!!! I like it even more when she do a collab with Victor Kim : )

Check out their songs (they are really good)!
They made me smile and i hope they'll make your day too x


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