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Looking through all of Buttons photos (from when she was still a baby and so tiny till she grew so round and fat) really makes my heart ache quite a lot. One moment i find myself smiling at some of her photos and the next, bam! I realised she's gone and i can't help but cry. Have been wanting to write this post the moment i heard the news but part of me was avoiding it. I guess i prolly have guessed that i would be feeling this way. I hate this feeling - No one is supposed to take something someone away from somebody else just like that. It isn't fair. I haven't showed my love for her enough, i haven't played with her enough and i regret so deeply. Because i know when she was around, when she often 'run' around her cage trying to get my attention, i just gave her a few pats, talked to her for less than 10 secs and i walked away. I'm such a terrible person. But even though i don't spend as much time with her than my sister did, i still feel very attached to her. I guess i'm like this - getting too attached to every damn thing too damn easily. Have been feeling fuckn moody the whole damn day but i know i'll feel better sooner or later. I want to because it's making me really sad but somehow i don't want to too. I don't want her out of my life. Buttons wasn't just a pet, she was part of our family.

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RIP Buttons (Nov 2008 - 2 Apr 2011)
I miss you terribly naughty girl


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