Question of the day:

Will you guys be interested in an exclusive t-shirt giveaway??

This tee will be designed (ok maybe certain part of the print will be from an image i found online but i'll deco abit so it'll be the only piece you'll ever see hehe) and printed out specially for me and i'm hoping to give it away to one lucky reader!

But i'm not sure if any of you would be interested in this and join the giveaway so i need some response ok!!?

Let me know what printing you would/ would not mind seeing on the tee (e.g itsfranxcesca wordings, dogs, bunnies, food, my face, clouds...) because i definitely need some things to be on the shirt that sort of represents me you know?? And oh of course the t-shirt will definitely be of good material and in my size!

So please just drop me a comment, whether you would like this giveaway or not/ what you wouldn't mind seeing on the tee on my formspring!
If the response is good then i'll make it happen so....yup!


Till then, xo


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