Day 5

Today is my 5th day at work and i'm slowly getting used to the things people do and talk around here.... Things i never knew about. Mostly about arts and stuffs. They make me want to learn, learn more about what they are all doing over here. I want to be more creative, i want to be different, i want to do better than what i expect myself to be. I want to surprise myself.

Michael Zavros
1820s Regency leather sofa/Favela chair/Champion dachsund ‘Windkiedach Wiggle’/a Dale Frank 2008
Oil on canvas

Stumbled upon a couple of tumblrs and i've been browsing through page after page of some very interesting graphic designs and architectures since morning. Oh by the way, the company's laptop i'm using right now takes 1hr 13 mins to start up. Random but i just find it unbelievable ugh. Ok hop over to Typocode now x


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