4th day of CNY:

How was CNY for you guys? Hope y'all collected so many ang pows won so much money in gambling k HUAT EVERYBODY $$$$$$$$$

Its was definitely b-o-r-i-n-g during all those house visits, whatsmore there's hardly any gambling during those visits this year. What's chinese new year without ban luck.... right?! But all the ang pows i've collected, all the yummiest food i've ate and stuffed myself silly, all the relatives i've seen, all the new pretty clothes & shoes i get to buy and wear, all the laughters, all the gambling (6 hours and more of non-stop ban luck = me dozing off on the table during the last few rounds) and after all the many questions my relatives bombed me with,

I'm both happy and sad to say that i love this past few days and seriously, CNY is over!

One and only thing that made me regret most is that no photos were taken at all this year. Boofuckinghoo SIGH. Only photos of me after i prepped and ready to leave the house. Hehe ofcuz i've to camwhore a lil with makeup, which i can proudly say i put 'em on my own (!!!!!!) right (i'm not a eyeshadow eyeliner etc kinda girl so yup)?!

But still...... Haiyaiyaiiii i really wanted to take piccas with my momsie & dad one lor stupid brains %@!*&


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