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So i mentioned a couple of post back about me winning 2 3D2N tickets to Hong Kong from BigFish right? Well because a lot have been asking me whether it's real or how i win it etc etc so i'm here with the prove!

BigFish isn't a scam. They are a legit Singapore's premium giveaway site. I think there are other such sites, not sure if they are just scams or not but since i'm one of the winner from BigFish, i think y'all can trust them? Plus it's so easy to join! Just like the page, see what prizes you're interested in and just SMS in!

Just 3 easy steps and who knows you might just be the next lucky winner!!!! Imagine you recieve a call and the next thing you know, you're walking away from their office with a new Prada bag........... I WANT


And if you're a girl, you can click on the "I'm a BigFish!" tab and participate in their search for their next social media star. 1st place walks away with $2500 cash, 2nd place walks away with $1500 cash and the 3rd place walks away with $500 cash! Voting ends on 17 Feb which is only 11 days away....


I just watched the Aaron Tan Vs Steven Lim video and people are saying whatever that going on between them rn is just a publicity stunt from BigFish and they are ruining BigFish's reputation all but imho, i don't really care. You are just hoping to win the (awesome) prizes, what for care about the rest right?

By the way this isn't an advert, i'm just helping to publicise BigFish because i cannot stand and don't understand why there are hate comments on their wall. And of course to thank BigFish for the tickets to Hong Kong! Just let me win again ok?!

Anyway i'm so excited to go HK please!!!! Haven't book the tickets yet but Jens and i have been planning and we're thinking of purchasing the return tickets so we can stay there longer! Share with me places/ food/ etc that you think is good and i should check out ok? *^_^*


4:29PM and i'm bored and freezing in my lab. Counting down to 9 days before i'm finally done with school and out of the campus for good. I! Really! Can't! Wait!!!

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Did i mentioned how much i love Instagram already? I really do.


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