i hate growing up

Every night when i'm on my way home, i'll promise myself to check up on jobs and universities, update this space, download songs or at the very least, just upload the many many photos from my phone that i wanna share with y'all. But every night when i get home, i'll start to feel so nua and all i want to do is quickly washed up and head to bed.

I'm so tired every day but i know that's not excuse for my neverending procrastination. Every day people ask me what i plan to do after i graduate (which is like 16 days away yay *beams*) and all i can say is "Work lor. Earn some kachingz while waiting for uni...".

Work what? I don't know. Study what in U? I haven't decided yet. Ugh it's damn frustrating can........ They always tell me i can do photoshoots. I know that and i actually love what i'm doing right now. I really really wish i can do it forever but we all know it's impossible right :(

Ah well.......

Oh ya by the way i think i'm too vain, too self conscious and too materialistic for my own good. I think it's some sort of illness and i wasn't so ill before but i think it's slowly getting serious and i'm afraid i'll become one of those bitch who just can't be contented with whatever they have when i grow up. Typing it out here to remind myself i need to learn to love myself more and that i'm actually good enough ha


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