Blue Monday

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Take a look at my baby girl and her new baby, Walrus!!!!! ♥_♥


My whole mouth's still feeling a little sore from my wisdom tooth surgery so i've been living on porridge and milk for the past few days... It's making me feeling all *emotional* and restless. And messed up.

In fact i feel kinda miserable right now.

I haven't felt this way for a long time now and right at this moment i just wish someone would understand how i feel and be here with me, physically and mentally, shower me with love and take care of me till i feel better. :'c


Spent my day around my neigbourhood finding pancake mix but to no avail, making breakfast (eggs & sasauges yay finally but i threw away after a few mouths ugh frustrated), watching Greys Anatomy, doing my HK itinerary, putting Cults on replay, drinking milk and eating tau huey (like finally someone understand how i really need to satisfied this craving of mine?!?!!), uploading photos and finally here i am, blogging and wallowing in self-pity



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