Casual Sunday

Boots - £35 Missguided
Jewellery - Diamond Petal
Bag - £12 Select
Skinny Jeans - £12 Primark
Scarf - £3 Primark
Hat - £3 Primark
Leather Jacket - Boohoo (old)
T-Shirt - £20 Iwhore

Look what we have here... some outside shots! It felt really weird taking pictures outside again, I wish I could take them more often but when I get home its too dark.  This is what I wore yesterday during the day when I was out and about.  There is nothing I love more then throwing on a pair of jeans and  t shirt,  working in an office were you cant dress like this makes me miss it even more!

It was me and my boyfriends 8th, yes 8th anniversary yesterday, gosh time flies.  So in the evening I changed into something a bit more dressy and we headed for dinner at a Mexican restuarant and finally watched Skyfall which is amazing by the way!  Did you guys have a good weekend? x


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