Swallows and crystals

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Please pardon my weird fingers. After taking photos of my new nails, i've come to conclusion that i can never be a hand model :( But whatever! Look at my new miu miu inspired nails!!!!


I saw this photo online like years ago and i fell in love with it the moment i saw it. Saved it in my phone and kept telling myself that i'm gonna do this set during my next manicure session but i've never gotten around to do it. I know this design is really old but i've always wanted these on my fingers so when Trina from Simplicity Nails approached me, i thought, "YES I SHALL GET THOSE SWALLOWS ON MY NAILS THIS TIME ROUND."

SimplicityNails is a home based salon, located at Tah Ching Rd (near to Lakeside MRT station). Trina, the owner is a passionate manicurist and her rates are probably one of the lowest in the market i think...?

I've friends who do their gellish nails outside for like what $70? $80? $100??? So when i asked Trina how much will she charge you guys, she told me the set of design i've on will only cost.... wait for itttttt........... $56!!!!!!!

So cheap?!?? For real??

So i pretty sure if your designs are harder and much more complicated than mine, it'll probably cost a bit more but still way cheaper than doing at those shops outside!

Feel like pampering and dressing up your nails already?
SMS Trina at 81185274 to make an appointment okay! Do it early cause her slots get taken up very fast, i'm not kidding.



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