Sunday night/ Monday morning feeling kinda down.....

I had an amazing time at Padang Grandstand yesterday!!!! Those who kept on telling me that the F1 race is gonna be boring/ i won't be able to see any cars are all lying to me! Bleh. Hahaha i can see them zoom past me okay!!! Mad love McLaren Mercedes's! The one with the silver hood! Wish i was more pro with my camera so i can take better pictures. Noobie me was just trying 1000001 times to capture a perfect shot, passed it to the bf and he tried another 1000001 times but ugh. We gave up in the end -___- Stayed to watch the Ferrari qualifying challenge because the boy is crazy about cars. Oh wait, you can't even use crazy on him. Ask him any super cars and he will know and tell you their specs and prices all i swear. Can have car talk for hours one lor. Abit siao one hor? But because of him, i've finally learnt to recognize and differentiate all the brands! Muahaha not bad ok i was a total noob last time don't even know how a Toyota logo looks like yknow hee. Ok too much car talk....... Anyway after that we hurried down to catch Maroon 5!!! Oh and did i mention that we met this super amazing and kind couple who gave us their fanzone passes so that we can get in up close to see Adam Levine?!?!! How can anyone be so sweet omg. The boy told me there were only like 2000 passes and people had to queue in the afternoon for it wtf. Even though we were in the fanzone we were still far away..... Adam Levine looks so tiny in my camera. But but i know it's better than looking at the screen so thank you sooooo much whoever you are. Good karma will strike on you soon :')

Brand new week again. I hate it when it's Sunday night because Sunday nights now means i've to get through the next 5 days without Jens by my side. But he's gonna POP soon!!! I think in like 12 more days? IS ANYONE GNNA BE THERE? Should i bring a bottle of deodorant for him? Hahahahaha i heard the floating platform area is gonna stink like mad. Part of me hopes he gets into a post he likes but another part of me hopes he gets into like a super chill 8-5 post near my place haha. I promise i will make lunchboxes for him (︶▽︶)ノ

Aiya sigh. I gotta go sleep now. Waking up in 6 hours time god bless me. I bet i'm going to have this urge to delete this whole entry tomorrow when i reread it in a clearer state of mind. Never really did such post before. I hope people will still read it mmmmm. Ok ok need to stop blabbering. Goodnight!!! X


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