Happy CNY!

Sorry i took so long to get this post done! Was feasting, then painting nails with my momsie and doing some other random stuffs hahaha. Anyway! It's so heartwarming reading through all your comments... Even though the response isn't that crazy but it's still better than my first giveaway so i'm really really happy! Thank you, thank you for being so supportive and join in the fun!

The first lucky person goes to comment number.............



and the second lucky person is......



Will be emailing you guys shortly, please check your inbox/junk mail! Please reply to me else i'll pick another winner! Thank you xoxo


I'm very touched by all of the comments and how sweet some of you are. I'm sorry i couldn't make all of you happy.... I really wish i have enough to send each and everyone of you a small gift. But don't worry if you didn't get picked this time round ok? I promise i'll hold more giveaways in the future!!

red_banana_skipping@hotmail.com: Have fun in Aussie and wherever you're going with your other half this vday! I wish i could get out of town too ugh... Have a safe trip and play hard!!

gabriel.g@hotmail.sg: Hi buddy. Sorry the generator didn't pick you.... You're still my best ok? :( Anyhoo you need to update me!!! WA ME WHEN YOU SEE THIS.

kum.yewlong@gmail.com: Hahaha yes Sarah, you're quite weird. Hahahahaha why would anyone be excited to give out angpows!?!!! You give me la next time? I don't mind collecting from you. Hehehe. Anyway thank you for being so supportive all these while! X

kejiawesome@gmail.com: Congrats on graduating!!! 

shanewxe@gmail.com: OMG SAME. This is the only time i will be super enthu about dressing up and impressing my relatives whom i've not seen since....last year. Hahhaha. And can you please give me some ideas on what vday prezzie to get..... I'm so bad at buying gifts sigh

rodarollaa@gmail.com: I am actually eating kueh bangkit now.... super sinful super guilty of it but i can't stop. Help

mstangtang@live.com: Aiyo don't eat too much! I hope you're feeling much better by now already! :)

Galaxiestones@gmail.com: I pray for you that your Law paper will be easypeasy for you. Study hard but take care and play hard after ok! I'm sure your boyfriend will have time for you, don't worry! X

ssgan86@gmail.com: I actually really like how you said spending time alone is meaningful to you. You sound like a really independent person and i admire that! 


I just couldn't ignore and had to reply to some of you. Oh and thank you again, for those who left me comments on where to get the glass heels i was looking for previously. I got it already all thanks to younghungryfree.com! And if you're wondering, yes they are true to size and comfy :)

Anyway to all of you out there, hope y'all get lots of ang pows! Happy feasting let's get fat together! Remember to drink more water too k! I foresee i'll be stoning during some of my visitings so formspring and save me if you're bored too ok?!

Oh and in case you don't already know... I coloured my hair! No more black hair! I'm embracing different shade of reds this year haha. Haven't really camwhore with my new hair yet but here's a few! Yay/nay?

photo image image[1]

I've this huuuuuge love for steamboat. Throwing all kinds of food in makes me happy hehehehe


A random barefaced-awkward-pose photo with my tokyo banana, giraffe version!!!!
Don't judge. Hi.

photo (1)

And my nails that i just did while drafting this post! I can't decide if i like it or not... Or if it's nice or not. But it's super easy to do!

Ok that's all for now guys,


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