Ah finally my long overdue CNY post hahaha hello!!! Is it just me or has CNY slowly getting boring over the years...? Nonetheless i still love all the dressing up, receiving ang pows and non-stop eating and gambling during this festive period!


OOTD for the first day! I realised so many people around me wore cheongsam this year... Gawd i need to be more feminine and stop being the odd pie.

IMG_1803 IMG_1785

Hello mummytan :*


Was at my gram's and was bored to teaaars. Nothing good was showing on the tv lor omg...... So Jens came to my rescue and we waited for the rest to arrive and had like... close to 5 hours of gambling straight at his place yay!

IMG_1818 IMG_1821 IMG_1823 IMG_1828

Oh hello QQ the Qtiepie


OOTD for the second day!

IMG_1894 IMG_1902

Had 2 house visitings that day.... I swear my aunts love me like crazy. Kept on feeding me food so all i did that day was eat and eat and eat. How to not get fat?! T_T


Went over to Jens's to meet him then off we went for dinner at Hua Ting restaurant with his family & relatives!

IMG_1907 IMG_1910 IMG_1932

Then it was gambling round 2. See this zeng keh with a pile of notes!!!!!!!!

IMG_1934 IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1944 IMG_1960 IMG_1961

Ban luck/ mahjong until everyone was mad tired and dying to go home. So Jens and i went back and bought mcbreakfast.........yups eat again lor?


No OOTD on the third day cause it was dinner at my place = no need to dress up and put make up bwahahaha


IMG_2089 IMG_2094 IMG_2087 IMG_2059

Then on the fifth day, which was also Valentines day, Jens was already in camp but he was granted permission for a night out so we met at our favourite sushi place - Itacho for dinner! I was happy to see him but also sad because we only had about 1.5 hours for dinner before he had to rush back to camp -_-


Sent him off in a cab and came home to this.
I never understand flowers. It's expensive and it dies SO quickly.
But i was happy anyway. :)


IMG_2204 IMG_2206 IMG_2208 IMG_2193 IMG_2212 IMG_2198

Went for a casting and had a mini catch up with E last week! Have fun in BKK i miss you already!


Nothing much interesting happened after.... Went back to work and forcing myself to study which umm wasn't successful at all. Sigh where can i find the motivation to sit still and study?! :(

ANYWAY i'll be having a booth at Re/store 2 flea at the pit building on 16 of March! FINALLY. I know right?! I've been wanting to sell my clothes since last year and i know a few of you have been asking for it and now I CAN FINALLY DO SO!!! So please come down anytime from 12-7 ok? Will have a more detailed post on that soon (and maybe some sneaks if i've time?) but please follow my twitter and instagram cause i'll definitely update more over there!


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