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Was just looking through my past years albums and decided to do a #throwbackthursday blog post with photos from 2011! Hahaha hope y'all will like it! Enjoy ^_^

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hehehe so cute :*

IMG_2051 310247_10150281561288292_565358291_7910110_644914_n 315938_10150281561118292_565358291_7910105_2479857_n 310852_10150281550133292_565358291_7909991_6724816_n IMG_1781 IMG_1743 246715_10150198059850897_722085896_6818006_672209_n IMG_0919 IMG_1009 226508_10150198057360897_722085896_6817982_2708071_n xSDC14960 314315_10150354614268813_647018812_8300823_336286855_n 338208_10150362347362771_523832770_8316467_516548805_o 335880_10150362346877771_523832770_8316464_659010545_o IMG_1966

My very first photoshoot for a sports band ad. They were up in Cheers for quite awhile and someone told me they saw it there still even now but i'm not sure... can anyone let me know if you see it?! hehehe

xSDC14686 IMG_1472 IMG_1460 IMG_1462

Oh and my BFF (Best Fries Forever) days.... We were one of the few pioneer staffs in the shop and now most of us have moved on already. I miss those days where we eat and singalong to songs, camwhoring every chance we have, bitching about nasty customers hahahahhaha and...


exchanging food with the frolick girls opposite us oh and....


...recieving notes like this once a while. Hahhahaha

379058_10150360809132771_523832770_8301348_1897619271_n 381696_10150360809262771_523832770_8301351_774053940_n IMG_1753 SDC14803 x215716_1774608923776_1195908192_31603664_2473523_n

And why looking through the '11 album, i saw these....... My very first modelling job with Nicole Then for her vintage store! I miss working with her so much!!! :( I still remember myself rushing down to her place during my second year in NYP after school for her shoots. And i didn't really know how to apply make up then! Have to thank Nicole for giving me the opportunity even though i was super clueless, awkward and self-conscious during her shoots. If not for her, i don't think i'll be where i am right now, not that i made it very far in life already (lol) but i'm thankful and happy with all that had happened :')

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Never thought i will ever say this because i remembered very clearly that i was dying to grow my fringe out but now i kinda miss my bangs... And i really really miss doing outdoor shoots with you Nicole!!!! Hi by the way, if you're reading this. :p


Anyway i'll be having a booth at re/store II flea market on the 16 March! Wanted to dig out some pictures as sneaks for y'all but i got distracted after deciding to do the post above haha here's a couple though. If it helps... hahaha but if you like my OOTDs or the things you see on my sites then come on down!!! There will shoes clothes and accessoriessssss and they will be cheeeeaaaapppppp

IMG_3464 IMG_1285 IMG_1235 restore2_poster_vendors(1)



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