Advertorial Sunday - Joifeth



For this advertorial i picked out this super cute red cropped top

IMG_3030 IMG_2985

Can you please check out the cute lil champagne glasses?! Hehehe. I believe everyone needs a top like this for your casual chillax day. This Raizel top comes in peach and light blue too!

IMG_3078 IMG_2912

Picked this dress as well cause it's so pretty!!! It's almost similar to the super popular off shoulder tops that were everywhere awhile ago (i love them!!) and when i saw this dress, i knew i had to have it. Can't wait to wear this out next weekend!!!

Pretty Faustine dress is also available in white too!


Oh and another favourite! I love pairing skirts with knit or just any loose plain top with boots! But i love it even more if my skirt has a unique shape or print. Love love love pretty printed stuffs!

Varanese skirt comes in 2 other prints too!


And before i forget, i've a special discount code just for you guys.....
Enter "FRA8" before checking out for 8% off your total bill! :)


Hope all of you are having a good Sunday so far! Mine was pretty chill... Did grocery shopping (my undying love for supermarkets....i can spend hourssss there hahaha) and TV shopping earlier on with J and then home for some home-cooked korean food! And now i can't think of any other better way to end your weekend other than shopping! New clothes to chase away your monday bloooos yay

Oh and if you don't already know, i bought a new camera recently so hopefully from now onwards you guys will be seeing prettier, clearer, nicer pictures on the blog! And maybe i'll give vlogs a test trial.........?



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