Goodbye Red

Ah! My long overdue post. Have been meaning to blog about my second hair journey with Salon Vim since weeks ago but haven't got the time and mood to get down and do it.....until now. Ok excuses aside, let me share with you how my stylist, Lilian helped me to go from this :


to this:


(credits to Lacepipe, WeAreRubbish, TheScarletRoom and Shoppmt)


OOTD with a pretty good backdrop that i just discovered bwahaha


Actually i didn't plan to colour my hair that day, i just wanted to do treatment because my hair was getting really unhealthy and dull and rough and everything that you do NOT want your hair to be :( but the highlights and red tones from my previous dye job (not done at Salon Vim) was fading off and i just looked SO messy on top so Lilian decided to help save my hair! 


But don't get me wrong, it not that i do not like my previous red hair, i LOVED it actually. I just don't like how my highlights are fading off into copper streaks and there wasn't much red to be seen anymore.... Plus all the dryness just made my hair looked worse. Sigh how i wish red hair is easier to maintain :(


So let the dye job begin! Remove alllll the brassy streaks!!!!!


After which she did my favourite Redken treatment!!!!! I LOVE THISSSS.

IMG_2450 IMG_2451

I think she did the Colour Strength treatment for me because i was complaining about how dry and rough and tangled (especially after wash) my hair was and because of that i experienced a super crazy hair fall problem too... So stressed and heart pain during that period because of this :(


steam steammmmm


and more steammmmmm

IMG_2472 IMG_2473 

After another wash and blowdrying.......


It was just like i didn't had any dye job done before omggggg gotta love Redken *.*

IMG_2478  IMG_2481 

Lilian chose ash brown for me to cover all the red and highlights but i was told because red and slightly bleached highlights are SUPER hard to get rid off so my current colour will slowly fade and my highlights will be seen again, even though not as bright as before anymore, and i'll hafta go back and cover again to get rid of them totaaaalllyy

IMG_2497 IMG_2496

So just a small tip for you guys, remember the next time you are planning to get red hair, THINK before you do it. It's pretty but hard to maintain because it fades off SUPER fast into a orangey/copperish colour and to colour another colour back will take some time as well...!


Anyhoo this is my hair colour now... Few weeks after the dye job and treatment. Highlights isn't that obvious yet and hair is still silky smooth and and AND i don't drop that much hair already YESSSSS *punch fist*

Gotta love Lilian. and Salon Vim. and Redken treatment.

Salon Vim
313 Orchard Road
T: 68847757 / 68847767

Ok 1 question guys, if you haven't already know, Formspring is closing down on the 31st of March so... Do y'all want me to set up a account (similar to formspring) so y'all can continue asking me questions there or should i not? And just enable the comments section under my blog posts? 

Ok abrupt end here, love y'all! x


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