Hi. Haven't been spamming pics of myself lately so here's some. Hehehehe

IMG_4035 IMG_4033 IMG_4032 IMG_4030 IMG_4031 IMG_4027 IMG_4024 IMG_4022 IMG_4020 IMG_4045  IMG_4111 IMG_4009 IMG_4008


So tired of all the packing for tomorrow's flea! There's gonna be 2 boxes of clothes and a couple of dresses, maxi skirts and jeans on the rack and shoessss and accessories!! Oh and did i mention there will be a super cute my lil pony headband for sale too? :D


So come on down to the Pit Building from 12pm - 7pm tomorrow to say hi and take photos and have a shopping spree for yourself!!!! So excited to see you guys! XOXO


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