Just came back not long ago after spending 7 hours in the salon fixing my hair. Really pleased and happy with how my hair looks like now (will post pic soon!!) but that's not the point of my post today.

Gonna keep things short and sweet - I've been through quite a bit for the past year and i'm really thankful for all the people who care and have been taking such good care of me. I don't know what i did to deserve all that but i know i'm a lucky girl and i know i've to be grateful towards everything. All that happened made me want to work even harder, be better and do everyone proud. What i wanna tell everyone is that (and of course to remind myself), no matter how well you do in life, or how good you get treated, please always be humble and never get complacent and take things for granted because good things don't last and they don't come for free. One day all the good luck in your life will be used up but if you keep doing good, good things will naturally build up in your life and you'll just be happy eventually, and when you're happy, you will be lucky! I guess...? Hahaha

Not sure if i made any sense but i really do hope i'll make an impact in some of you out there reading this :)


2 more days till the end of my CNY/ VDAY giveaway, have YOU joined? I *might* be throwing in some accessories and mail them out together with the casings! They are brand new/ in mint condition of course!!! So continue to leave your comment and email in this post! Can't wait to pick the 2 lucky readers on Friday!!! :D


Hehe random picture and abrupt end to this post.... Happy midweek all of you x


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