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Ok so here's my long overdue post on my long weekend spent with J before he left for Germany for his army training 2 weeks ago...

IMG_3343 IMG_3345

It was an advanced celebration for our 6th anniversary and he wanted it to be a surprise so he didn't tell me where we were going so i didn't have my camera with me..... :(

IMG_3355 IMG_3336

This was starters - Pigs and Snails.


My main - Back and Belly. I like my steak done medium well! A chunk of medium sirloin, super tender and oozing with juices. The onion hash on the side was delicious. And the bloody looking bowl of thing at the side is actually braised blackened brisket. Major love!!!


Jens's main - Steak as well....with giant prawn! He likes his steak well done and he's very fussy when it comes to steak but he was raving to me about this the entire time and wished it came in a slightly bigger portion.


I forgotten the name of this.. Confectionery something i think haha. A waiter saw J eating this and he came up and said something like: "No bro, you're supposed to pick up the strawberry with your fingers, dipped in the chocolate and feed her (me). It's a shared dessert. And you don't use fork for this!! Haha i'm sorry the waitress didn't tell you guys beforehand." so yeah LOL... I guess no brownie points for the waitress :/


And this... Ok i forgotten the name as well. Haha it wasn't too bad. Very chocolatey but quite gelat though...

IMG_3358 IMG_3357 IMG_3356 IMG_3344 IMG_3346

Ugh wish i had my camera with me to capture the view in better quality!!!! But anyway i was really, really, really happy that night. Food were pretty good, except for the desserts which i think they were just ok~ Wish we had space in our tummy for their beer after all the food though

LeVel 33
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1


So the next day we got up and went for ramen. Never liked Ajisen Ramen. They are like MSG over-loaded maggi mee to me. But anyway after that... Jens went to see the doc and then told me he didn't have to go back to camp that night and on Monday so... ^_^

Went back to his place, helped him pack his luggage all and then just nua..... *warning selfies overloaded ahead*

IMG_3484 IMG_3483 IMG_3470 IMG_3471 IMG_3473 IMG_3475 IMG_3476 IMG_3472 IMG_3480 IMG_3481 IMG_3489 IMG_3482 IMG_3492 IMG_3497 IMG_3495 IMG_3494 IMG_3529 IMG_3531

I wanted to instagram a OOTD but after editing i couldn't decide which one to upload so i uploaded none.... #firstworldproblems hahahahaha

Then we went to FEP to have butter pork ribs rice!!!!!!! AHHH FAVOURITE.
I need to try the one at Commonwealth! Everyone's been telling me that it's even better the one at FEP.
But anyway since i'm in a good mood, i shall share. They sell tze char too though! :)

New Station Snack Bar
14 Scotts Road

Then came Monday, which was our actual anniversary day!

SAM_0141 SAM_0142

We went to Marmalade Pantry for brunch...


Spaghetti cabonara with poached egg. Yum!


Scrambled eggs and house-cured salmon with horseradish creme fraiche on pumpernickel. Ok don't ask me what horseradish bla bla bla is but just know you probably wouldn't like it very much. The eggs and salmon are okay but the thing on the bottom just tasted SO weird. At least to me.

SAM_0166 IMG_3434

Then we went over to Big O Cafe for dessert at Paragon before heading back home. This above is heaven. Fluffy waffles with caramelized bananas topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream! SO SINFUL but damn. It was really good.


And this macadamia nut cake with balley's Irish cream soaked biscuits, done on a bed of oreo cookie crust! Another plate of horror for the waistline but it's so yummy. But just a warning, don't geh kiang and be like us and order both because you can't finish them. Unless you are having them as your dinner. :)


Hehe so... i love you babe. No mushy mushy confessions here cause you know it already. 1 week more till you're home again AH i can't wait!!!!

Then he booked in at night and came out on Tuesday afternoon! We packed and packed and packed for his trip the next day and went to catch the movie "Saving General Yang" after, ah i love the show!!!! Please catch it while you can! 4/5 popcorns for it! After which we had supper at Sin Hoi Sai! It's one of our frequent supper spot!

IMG_3387 IMG_3388

The salted egg yolk prawn isn't good, i admit. But i've eaten there a few times now and the dishes they sell are generally not bad. I love how they open until the wee hours. And super near to i12 Katong which spells a-w-e-s-o-m-e after a late late midnight movie!

Sin Hoi Sai Eating House
187 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428893

Then came Wednesday...... The day he will be leaving for a whole of 3 weeks. Packed and packed again and was fooling around when i saw this and made him wear it and make goofy faces hahahahaha

IMG_3519 IMG_3552

HAHA he is so gonna kill me when he sees this.


And his OOTD. Siao hor? I tell you he's damn vain!!! Kept asking me what tops/shoes/jacket/scarf to wear before heading to the airport. Don't know he go there holiday or training lor?

So yeah that's all. Just realised we actually eat a lot after doing this post hahahaha. Ah can't wait for him to be back next week! But that also means it's gonna be the start of my first paper. Gooodnessss i can't wait for my exams to be over. Oh and that means my 21st birthday is nearing!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED AND SCARED AT THE SAME TIME

Ok la abrupt end here i'm gonna rest my sprained ankle and sleep now :(
Goodnight guys, happy mid-week! X


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