Peplum Dress

Dress - £15 Boohoo
Heels - £20 Matalan
Clutch - £12 Ebay

If you follow me on Instagram you would of noticed I was uploading a lot more than often.  My little sister graduated! We had such an amazing weekend. The first stop in the morning was the graduation ceremony, this is the outfit I wore, I wanted to keep it classy and simple.

I vowed not to straighten my hair for one year as I'm trying to get my curls back, I was 4 months in, I had a bit of a bad hair day, so I ended up straightening it! arghh.   Not all is loss I guess, I'm starting again and to be honest I use to straighten my hair every day which is terrible, so 4 months is a small victory.

After the ceremony we changed in to our 'Gradmaids' outfits (similar to a bridesmaid).  We bought material and designed different outfits.  We threw my sister an amazing Grad party, it was such a great night with so much love and laughter.


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