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So today I'm stuck inside, I was meant to be driving to Lincolnshire but half of the UK is at a standstill because of the snow.  It's meant to be spring already dammit!  So course I'm doing some browsing and making my spring/summer wishlist.  I was browsing Boohoo for a while, Boohoo and Asos were probably my favourite online shops years ago when online shopping was still new and they were the most popular.  I stopped shopping at Boohoo for some reason, maybe because there are so many online shops to pick from nowadays.  But if you have a good look they still have a lot of lovely things.

I love prints and colours a lot, probably more so because of my African upbringing and less because of trends.  Boohoo just wowed me with there array of different prints I just had to make a wishlist.  Like seriously I plan to buy every single item on my wishlist lol

What do you guys think? whats your favourite?


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