Bouncy hair in my denim dress

Kind owner from The Petite Rose sent me this denim romper dress which i absolutely love! I remember wanting to get it from IHF but i was too late and it was sold out. I also remember a few of you on asking/telling me how pretty this piece is! It is sadly, sold out there but now you can get from The Petite Rose!


Wore it to my new favourite waffle & ice cream place - Honey and Milk Gelato! It is located at Blk 86 Bedok North Street 4, just beside the famous Blk 85 which sells my favourite BCM and all the BBQ food yum yum! Haha the waffles here are so good. I love the oreo and salted caramel gelato best! A buddy set like this is under $10 so it's pretty cheap if you're to compare it with... Udders?

SAM_2946 SAM_2931 SAM_2922

I really like how white canvas shoes looks so cute with this piece!


Wore it out last Monday to get my hair done too! It has been 2-3 months since i visited Salon Vim so my hair was in a huge mess. I knew i was gonna have to stay in the salon for hours (and yes, 4.5 hours in the end goodness the only part i hate most) and it was definitely gonna be cold so i threw on a jacket! Proper view later!


Did a cut, a perm, colouring and treatment!

SAM_2969 SAM_2972

Hair was pretty dry after all that so my stylist, Luis decided to do a treatment using "Vita-ciment"and "Ceramids" (see green portion above) to strengthen my hair!

SAM_2973 SAM_2975

He combined both essence together, applied onto my hair and steamed it for a good i think 20-30 mins?

SAM_2982 SAM_2977

Soft hair here i come!!!!


While waiting...... Pretty nails i did the day before in preparation for my Korea trip hahaha. Thank you Milly's for slotting me in! I always go to the Milly's outlet at Far East Plaza, #03-131. If you're interested!

SAM_2997 SAM_2998

After all that colouring, perming, steaming and cut.........


I can have bouncy bouncy hair!!!! I just have no idea how to start saying how much i love my hair after this trip. I love the cut. It's the perfect length i've always wanted. Smart Luis gave me a lil perm at the bottom to make my hair looks fuller and cuter and more korean-ish because he knew that's exactly what i was trying to go for. Love the "S-ombre" (Soft Ombre) colouring technique too! S-ombre is a new technique that is slowly getting popular. It gives the hair ends a softer, barely there hue which makes it pretty interesting. The ombre colours will appear less harsh and will look very natural!


And of course every trip to Salon Vim, after every treatment, i'm always very pleased with how soft my hair is. If you're looking to colour your hair, or perming/straightening it, please please remember to do treatment after to replenish moisture back into your hair. PLEASE. Else it's gonna get really dryyyyy


And here's my OOTD of the day! With my new hairdo and current favourite romper! Love how the prints of the jacket and romper kinda clash together. Ah think i might just wear this denim piece again tomorrow....with a blazer this time round. Hehe.

Thank you The Petite Rose. And thank you Luis for creating magic in my hair all the time.

The Petite Rose

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