Hong Kong - Macau Diary #6 & #7

Holla!!! Finally getting down to sharing images from my last Hong Kong - Macau trip! Gonna finish up the last bit of the trip - Macau. You can read my posts on my Hong Kong trip '13 here (1, 2, 3)

SAM_1796 SAM_1809

Not sure why Jens is forever super duper slow at preparing so....


I shall continue camwhoring.


Afterall it's my last day in Madera Hotel.... Love this hotel! Thank you for being so nice and cozy and not creepy hahaha. I really hate hotels that give off the creepy vibes :/


And after what seems like ages.....

SAM_1815 SAM_1816 SAM_1817 SAM_1822 SAM_1825 SAM_1824 SAM_1820 IMG_6865
Dressabelle shimmer top, Amber Avenue pants, Shoes from Bangkok, Joifeth bag

SAM_1843 SAM_1844

Rushed to check out to catch the ferry ride and after an hour we are here! In Macau!!!

SAM_1855 SAM_1845 SAM_1849

We chose Banyan Tree hotel which is located at Galaxy hotel to stay for the night. This place is amazingly H U G E. And pretty everywhere!


Very overwhelmed and excited by all the blings and decos and tall buildings hahahaha


Lobby of the Banyan Tree Resort! We were then led up to our room......


Which is freaking nice and huge!!!!


Living room


Indoor jacuzzi



SAM_1897 SAM_1881

Random bathtub which somehow got me really excited to use hahaha

SAM_1888 SAM_1890

Automated toilet bowl. First time trying this! How awesome is washing your ass right at the toilet seat and having warm seat at any time of the day fwaaahh i want this in my house!!! Lol


Rain showers! Double!

SAM_1909 SAM_1914
SAM_1859 SAM_1862 SAM_1866

Decided to randomly choose a restaurant for lunch. Meh food wasn't very good. So i bought an egg tart after. Wow the egg tart was SO soft. Remember to have the egg tarts from Lord Stow or Koi Kei Bakery! You can probably see them everywhere in the hotels...


Then we took a coach to...nowhere. Seriously i wasn't sure where we were headed to. We U-turned back after the ride LOL

SAM_1924 SAM_1936

Wanted to visit the Macau tower but realised we don't have much time so we went down to Venetian hotel to shop!

SAM_1937 SAM_1951 SAM_1952

That's the ceiling! Not real clouds! The interior of the hotel is so pretty right?!


Managed to locate Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei at Venetian to try their pork chop buns! I google-d this and so many people online says i've to try this when i'm in Macau so i did! I don't see why is it a must try but it's not bad and it's quite filling. I had this and i was done for my dinner. Meh. Wanted to eat more egg tarts and their local food but was too full -_-

*** DAY 7 ***

SAM_1962 IMG_6911

Woke up super early the next day to dip in the jacuzzi! Of course i had to right?! Was super duper sad we had to leave that day... One night at Banyan Tree just isn't enough, trust me.

SAM_1961 SAM_1959 SAM_1958

Changed and went down for our breakfast!

SAM_1969 SAM_1968

Gorgeous lift lobby

SAM_1976 IMG_6914
Feistheist top and bottom, Joifeth bag, Shoes from Bangkok

Then it was time to fly back to SG :(

SAM_1979 SAM_1993 SAM_1992 SAM_1995 SAM_1999 SAM_2000

Too pretty.

IMG_6916 IMG_6919 IMG_6926

Headed straight to Bedok 85 right after we landed for dinner! Haha nothing beats a good bowl of orh lua or prawn noods :D


So that wraps up my whole 7 days trip to Hong Kong and Macau! Didn't do much at Macau except shopping and shopping, wandering in and out of the casino, eating and trying to make use of every bit of time left to enjoy our room. The bed is out of the world. If you've been to Bangkok's Glow Hotel, well the bed at Banyan Tree is 10x more shiok than that. Hahhaha

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and the other posts i wrote previously! And to those who emailed me for the Hong Kong itinerary, i've replied all already so i hope i helped some of you in your planning! Y'all are making me jealous SQUEEZE ME INTO YOUR LUGGAGE PLEASE hahaha have fun anyways <3

Till the next post, xo


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