For my birthday my boyfriend's lovely Mum bought me a pair of gorgeous checked trousers from Anthropologie! Unfortunately they were a little too big though so on my actual birthday I popped into town to treat myself to a smaller size or an exchange and whilst there I couldn't help but fall in love with the store... Have you been in the changing rooms in Anthropologie!? Not only are they super spacious, but they aren't lit to make you look as though you haven't slept for a few days and the seating area for willing friends/boyfriends/parents is pretty alright too!

After trying on about 10 different items I decided on this high neck textured dress by Ganni - you can't see so well in these photographs but it's actually got a beautiful blue stitched through the design too, which is really pretty. I also love its slouchy, soft shape, casual pockets and interesting neckline, (this cut of sleeve is something pretty new for me as I don't often like showing my arms off). What I have struggled with though is finding a jacket to wear with it as none of mine do it the justice it deserves. I think it would look great with a long duster style jacket, (I've had my eye on some Asos styles), but what else could I try pairing it with?         


This is what I wore to town on Thursday. Matt and I popped to the Photographer's gallery before heading to the Ports 1961 press day where we had two lovely models to showcase the collection for us! I loved the minimal designs and neutral palette - everything looked to clean and polished! The womenswear was so feminine and elegant but still had that boyish twist that I love and there was also something quite futuristic about their designs.


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