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Shot for RedVelvetRose awhile ago and here are a few of my favourite pieces from them! Got the tropical PJ pants (5th picture) in black and wore it during my HK trip! Will post pics soon! Super duper comfy sighhhhyaai

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And one of my favourite set of photos from awhile ago. This was for Apparelize's by one of my favourite photographer, Fiona! I love how she always make me feel comfortable and at ease during shoot and how the photos always turn out even though i might be having a bad hair/face day hehe ♥♥♥

Sorry for the spam of overdue photos hahahaha i was just browsing through my folders and realized i haven't managed to post them up when i meant to do so weeks ago!


On a separate note, i've people asking me about my studies and results yada yada recently and it's stressing me out A LOT. I know i've also mentioned that i *might* be taking a break/gap year or quitting school totally.... And most people will be like "oh no you shouldnt it's just 2 more years so hang on and you'll graduate with a cert in no time" or "endure and get over it" etc... But if you know how much i'm struggling in school, and how much interest i have in what i'm studying, you would understand why i'm giving this up. I know i made the decision to enrol into UOL and it's also my decision to take up Business so now that i've zero interest and will (probably) be flunking all my papers, i've got no one to blame but myself. I don't know what i wanna do in the future but i know for sure, i'm never gonna get a desk job so i guess a uni cert isn't that important yet...? I also know that, if one day i really do need a uni cert, i will, of course go back to school again. It's definitely gonna be harder but at least by then, i'll have a goal in mind. Right now my heart just isn't with books and i see no point paying school fees and doing badly for my exams and then paying fees again for retaking my papers. I just wish people would understand how i feel, especially my parents. I wish somebody would step out and say that a cert isn't that important now anymore, because it really isn't. I know it's safer to get a cert, of course i know that. It's like buying insurance but what's the use if you're just studying for the sake of studying? Afterall, it's the work experience that matters when you apply for whatever job, isn't it?


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