Young hungry free

Hello i'm back from Hong Kong!!!!!

I've been meaning to talk about my new favourite sponsor, YoungHungryFree before i leave for my HK trip but i was too occupied with work and packing that i totally forgotten about it T_T

Anyhoo, i picked out a few items from their shop that are SUPER versatile! I wore them out a million times already hahaha if we hang out together irl you would probably be sick of my outfits. Hahahaha

SAM_1376 SAM_1368 SAM_1369

Got YHF's basix tanks in all three colours - white, grey and black (not pictured)! SUPER love. They are so soft it's freaking comfy. I wear a lot of basics so these are great add-ons into my wardrobe! I wear them almost everywhere, from work to play to castings!


A.Wang inspired booties! It's unbelievable lightweight and i absolutely love the heels!


And.... MY FAVVV OUTFIT! Love this kinda-sporty-kinda-flirty skirt depending on how you wear it! YHF has it in white too and i had such a hard time deciding which colour to get. I don't wear a lot of skirts so if you see me raving about it, well i guess it really means something. Hehe

Everytime i see a new collection up on YHF, i will go like "ohhh i want this and this and that! ah which colour should i get mmm can i get everything ugh...". I'm sure i'm not the only one like this out there right!

Anyway i just wanna thank the owner of Younghungryfree, W, for sending me these goodies and for being so patient and chill with me while i took my time to get this post done! <3


This is really weird for me to say since i blog so irregularly but i kinda miss being here... I have a couple of review posts coming up which i'm really excited about! Always very happy to be able to share (new) stuffs with you guys!!! Oh and i'll blog about my HK trip asap too okay!

Currently the top two songs on my replay list!

And a quote for those of you struggling out there....

"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world. Not even our troubles."

Happy weekend ahead! Love y'all X


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