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It's my monthly hair post again!!!


Ok honestly speaking, looking at this photo makes me miss my hair. I wouldn't lie I really really miss my hair. This was the perfect length to me.... Ok maybe a lil teeny weeny shorter would be awesome.

SAM_1048 SAM_1052 

Anyway I dyed my hair again to a darker shade of brown!

SAM_1068 SAM_1073 

And what's better than pampering your hair with your best friend? :)

SAM_1071 SAM_1072 SAM_1074 SAM_1081 

After which we did the Arimino Privy treatment! Not sure if you can tell but bff's hair was so smooth!!! Can you see it!!!!! She did her treatment first while i was dying my hair in case if you're wondering. Shit I should have taken a picture of her before and after. The difference after treatment was H U G E. She was so happy with her hair I see her happy I also happy hehehe :*

SAM_1060 SAM_1076 

Current obsession: Smoothie King 

SAM_1086 SAM_1085 

Tada! New colour and softer, healthier hair :)

SAM_1105 SAM_1101 

Not a very nice OOTD but oh welllll.... Top from theblushinc.com


Before you continue scrolling, I just wanna warn you it's gonna be SUPER image heavy. It's not like we get to meet each other every day or camwhore like cray so....... Hehe skip it if you like but remember to check out what's at the end of this post!!! 

SAM_1116 SAM_1115 SAM_1121 SAM_1120 SAM_1122 SAM_1155 SAM_1157 SAM_1159 SAM_1143 SAM_1144 SAM_1146 SAM_1148 SAM_1149 SAM_1160 SAM_1161 SAM_1177 SAM_1178 SAM_1179 SAM_1140 
SAM_1131 SAM_1130 SAM_1125 SAM_1185 SAM_1186 

Ambassador for Nutri-tea??


Second day hair! I love it when my hair is curled now! Previously my hair wasn't layered much so i just somehow don't look as good with curly hair and I hated it whenever people curl my hair but now I love it!!!!! Too bad I don't know how to curl them myself so you'll still see me in straight hair. Meh. 

To be honest, I don't really like the shape of my hair now when it's straight. I like the length but I just wish Luis didn't give me so much layers. :( 

But it's okaaaay hair will grow!!!! At least now I know what will look good on me and what will not! TIP: It's all about experimenting what suits you best when it comes to hair. 


I also received a new shampoo and leave-in treatment for weaker hair during this visit. Have been using the shampoo everyday since I got it and I love it!!! As for the treatment, I only used it once so I can't say much for it yet but I love how soft my hair is the next day when I wake up :) 


Also..... My root lifting spray that so many of you have been asking me about on ask.fm! You can get this from Salon Vim as well :) 

Even though I am not as satisfied with my cut this time round but I'm still really thankful that Salon Vim and my stylist, Luis gave me healthier hair and a colour change this month. Also thank you so much for the products, making sure I take good care of my hair when I'm at home! You guys are awesomeee

Bff is super pleased with her hair now. Did y'all see her chio hair in the pictures above?! So glad I brought her to try out the treatment and cut!

Quote my name to get discounts! 

Salon Vim
313 Orchard Road
T: 68847757 / 68847767


I'm currently in Hong Kong right now so i won't be updating my blog anymore until I'm back next Friday but follow my instagram and twitter (@itsfranxcesca) for updates ok! Heading to Disneyland tomorrow oh my gooood I'm so excited hehehehee

Have a great week ahead y'all! XX


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