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YES! For those who have been asking me again and again on my about what skincare products i use, well this is it! I've been using them ever since i came back from Hong Kong which is a week-ish ago and the blemishes that were previously on my forehead are clearing up! So so happy!!! 

I'm not wearing any sunscreen/ bb cream/ powder/ concealer/ any kind of bases on my face in all the pictures here (only wearing eye makeup) so you can see my blemishes, dark cirlces all and the slight redness on my chin is my birthmark, sadly :(.


First step: Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash

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First fav part of my skincare routine. The cleanser has a hint of menthol that has this cooling sensation on my face! Damn shiok!


And it smells really good too. All 3 - the cleanser, scrub and oil! I can't explain the scent of it but it's damn good la. Smells damn clean and refreshing and calming!!!! *happy sigh*


Second step: Tea Tree Scrub


This is my second fav part of my daily routine! The scrub makes my skin super smooth and it feels even cooler than the cleanser! All of that makes my skin feels really good and happy after cleansing!


Third step: Tea Tree Oil


This oil here, this oil is magic. This is the potion that cleared up my skin, with the help of the cleanser and scrub because all of that contain organic tea tree oil (has infection fighting properties), lemon tea tree oil (antiseptic ingredient) and organic tamanu oil (has incredible capacity to encourage healthy skin renewal) and all 3 of that soothe and soften the skin!

The Tea Tree oil is good for calming down your pimple, any redness on your skin. I heard you can even use them on your legs and hands but it's sucha small bottle of goodness i wouldn't want to use them anywhere else except my face hahahaha

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I still have a teeny lil redness on my forehead but i've strong sunlight facing me so you can't really see it but in all honesty, my pimple scars have faded off SO MUCH over the past week.

This daily cleansing wash intensely cleanses and purifies, instantly removing all impurities and excess oils and clears clogged skin leaving your skin squeaky clean but not over drying. You don't get the tightness you feel from some other cleanser! Plus the ingredients in these are all natural and organic so it's safe even for the sensitive skin.


These are also my favourite cleansers to bring to the gym! After all that sweaty workout, all i look forward to is a cool shower and having the cooling, calming and super refreshing sensation and scent in my face. Hehehe

I have so much to say omg but i shall stop. I just wanna say, THANK YOU THE BODY SHOP. My skin is not perfect, maybe never ever, but it's getting better. Slowly but surely. Thank you thank you!!!!

They have a whole range of Tea Tree products such as Face Mask, Toner, Blemish Gel, Pore Minimiser, Concealer etc.
I wanna try all omg


Cool & Creamy Wash ($20.90), Squeaky-Clean Scrub ($24.90), Tea Tree Oil ($18.90)
Tea Tree's finest can be found at all The Body Shop outlets.

*Products are sponsored but all opinions are entirely my own


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