Summer's Eve Feminine Wash

Look what came into my mail!

SAM_2049 SAM_2008

A full bag of Summer's Eve products courtesy of CozyCot, Singapore's No.1 Women's Website!

How many products in your shower are specifically formulated for cleaning your vaginal area? How often do you take extra care and time to clean it down there? If the answer is "No", well Summer's Eve is your answer.


Summer's Eve Feminine Wash for Sensitive Skin


Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Wipes


Summer's Eve Feminine Cleansing Mist


Summer's Eve Feminine Wash for Normal Skin


Summer's Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray


And today, i'm gonna share with you the No.1 product from Summer's Eve - The Cleansing Wash. The solution to your problems such as feminine odor and vaginitis down there.

What is Feminine Odor?

Feminine odor is a common condition experienced by women due to vaginal discharge, perspiration and urinary leakage. Odor is commonly caused by bacteria that thrive in moist environments. Feminine odor can be an unwelcome nuisance at work, social occasions and during intimacy.

What is Vaginitis?

Vaginitis refers to inflammation of the vagina. It is caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal fluctuations, allergic reactions to soaps or personal care products not designed specifically for the vaginal area. Using the wrong products can damage the skin, increasing the risk of infection or irritation. It may also cause odor, itching or abnormal discharge.

Does that sound familiar to some of you out there?

Summer's Eve Feminine Wash is dematologist and gynecologist tested. Unlike your ordinary soap, it is a mild and gentle, sensitive-skin formula designed for your "down there" to help cleanse away odor-causing bacteria so as to decrease your risk of vaginal irritation or infection!


It's a clear liquid and lathers very well. Has a nice floral scent to it, leaving you feeling fresh, clean and confident! I can vouch for that!! Have been trying this product out for the past few days and really liking it! Have always neglected my feminine area, using normal body soap to cleanse it because i never knew about the risks of it.

Obviously it's not very convenient to bring the wash with you to work or play so the Cleansing Wipes and Cleansing Mist are a great and quick way to clean and freshen up your vaginal area while the Deodorant Spray absorb moisture that lead to itching and eliminates bad odor!

Keeping your feminine area clean is actually a very important thing. Many of us neglected that area and have lil or no knowledge of the risks we are exposing ourselves to. Keeping it clean and feeling fresh really helps to make you feel more confident. It's almost like the same feeling after you get your bwax done!

SUMMER'S EVE is available at Wastson's, Guardian and all leading pharmacies, clinics, cosmetic houses and departmental stores.

*Products are sponsored but all opinions are entirely my own


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