Especially Escada - Luxury in a modern and light-hearted way

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Pink and gold, what's there not to love? Definitely one of my most luxurious looking perfume in my collection. Love! But packaging aside, I wasn't expecting much of this fragrance because it looks really high end and sophisticated and in my mind i was thinking that it must have a really strong scent for the more matured ladies out there but i'm surprised, really. In fact, it has a soft floral scent that smells really feminine and elegant. Floral rose, fruity pear notes with musky undertones. It's not too sweet and light enough for everyday wear. It is inspired by the joyful, spontaneous and glamourous woman who is positive, lives to have fun but always remain true to herself and comfortable in her own skin. Exactly what i aim to be. :)

Definitely a Yes to my perfume collection!

Especially Escada is available in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml.

*Products are sponsored but all opinions are entirely my own


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