Advertorial: Joifeth

As you all know, i have been working with Joifeth for the past 1 month and i must say, i really love the pieces they sent to me! And the good news is.....

Joifeth is currently having a MEGA SALE now as their owners will too leave on a vacation from next week onwards!!!! Some items are up to 50% off!!!! Here are some of the pieces that are on sale currently....


Varanese Bandage Dress Skirt

IMG_3007 IMG_2985

Raizel Top (available in other colours)

SAM_0071 SAM_0095 SAM_0075

Akaisha Peplum Top

I must say it's definitely worthwhile to get them now since it's frigging cheap! So get them while stocks last as inventory is low. :)

As for those of you who like to blog hop/ wanna start up your own business/ or you just like to kaypoh (like me) hahaha you might wanna check out the owners' blog (click here) about Joifeth and behind the scene work, oh and you may also get some useful information on their trips abroad too!

INSTAGRAM: @joifeth


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