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Happy Labour Day guys!!!!


A couple of weeks ago I was so sick and tired of my long and dry hair so i decided to visit the Salon Vim to snip it off. I love changes so it wasn't the hardest decision but honestly i was worried that my stylist (Luis) wouldn't understand what i want and you know once you cut it off, that's it.

IMG_3792 IMG_3793

But i was determined to walk out of the salon with a new look so........ *punch fist in air*

SAM_0280 SAM_0278 SAM_0279

My long lost friend, G was in town so he accompanied me for a lil while! Hehe it's always good to have someone with you while you're doing your hair. You have no idea how bored and sleepy i'll get sometimes..... Oh and see how disgusting my hair condition is :S

SAM_0282 SAM_0284 SAM_0283 SAM_0288 SAM_0289

So anyway, i told Luis i wanted a change in length and new colour that's not dramatic but still interesting (lol i know...whaaat?) and he decided to do the new OverNature spring/summer colour for me! Which is ash brown with subtle greyish ombre on the inside! Meaning you can only see it when i tie my hair up hehehe LOVE

Then i did their latest hair treatment - Arimino Privy!

Remember i said i love their Redken treatment in my previous posts? Well, this new treatment of theirs is now my new FAVOURITE. I still love the Redken one but this is, for sure, my go-to treatment when my hair is in a serious bad state. It leaves your hair so smooth and healthy and the best part is that the effect lasts for weeks. It has been about 3 weeks now but my hair is still so soft!!!!!!!! Only done it once so far and i'm sold. MAJOR LOVE


And to celebrate the launch of the new Arimino Privy treatment, Salon Vim has specially came up with a promotion just for you to try so you'll fall in love with your hair like i did :)


Treatment promotion:

1) Treatment promotion is valid from 1st May - 1st June 2013
2) Hair Treatment promotion is valid for only two kinds of treatment - the Redken Cocktail Treatment, and the new Arimino Privy Treatment
3) Both members and the first 100 readers of my blog are entitled to 30% off - for blog readers, quote my name to receive the discount!!!!
4) Treatment price depends on hair length, but capped at a maximum of $160 for long hair, and that's BEFORE the 30% discount!
5) Treatment promotion applicable at both Salon Vim 313 and Salon Vim Bugis

I definitely still love my Redken treatment but if it's your first time trying it out, i would strongly suggest that you try the Arimino Privy treatment first!!! Promise you won't regret :D

Anyway ok that aside.....

SAM_0296 SAM_0295 IMG_3813



I'm so happy Luis understands what i want. He is the most attentive hair stylist i've ever come across. Thank you so much!!!


And a pic with the busy busy Gary! Thank you so so much for having me :)

So it's been dayssss since my cut and i'm still loving it. People have been telling me i look fresher now and i think so too!! Have been thinking of going back to trim it a lil shorter! Wish my hair would stop growing out so fast. Hahahhaha

IMG_3847 IMG_3845

This is my hair with no styling, no blowing! So soft like i've never done chemical to my hair before hehehehe

SAM_0388 SAM_0387 SAM_0385 SAM_0386 SAM_0405 SAM_0408

And this is my hair with a lil blow drying!

130422160921_hen1_zoom 130422171334_pina1_zoom FEE_2191_zps5b2d3095 FEE_2184_zps030a2430

I seriously can't wait to go back to Salon Vim after my exams... I want pretty hair all month all day hehehehe


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Go try the treatment and thank me ok!!!! X


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