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Holla! Gonna talk about my new hair colour again... Ok not exactly new new since it's not like i did a crazy colour. So a couple weeks ago, i visited Salon Vim Bugis (because the one at 313 Somerset was closed for renovation) and had my hair coloured!


If you realised here and in my previous post (here), my matt ash brown was fading off with streaks appearing again (damn i really regretted dying my hair red previously ugh the colour seems to take forever to get rid off!!!!) so Luis, my stylist picked a darker shade of matt brown from their spring/summer colours, of course, this time round for me


I really like my previous ash brown colour with the slight ombre underneath SO MUCH but because of work and how my hair couldn't hold light colours for long, i had to go slightly darker. Oh and i didn't do highlights or inner ombre this time round too :(

IMG_4895 IMG_4892

Waiting waiting~~~ My first time at the Bugis outlet! So crowded that day and i was lonely :(


And then........ TADAH!


Turns out i really like this shade of brown as well. It looks dark indoors and pretty light outdoors or under sunlight which is awesomeeee. I also really like how they curled my hair differently this time round!!! I wish i can have it permanently....


I was rushing for time that day so i only managed to dye my hair. No treatment but please take a moment and check out how healthy my hair looks!!!!!


This was taken 2 days after!


Have been meaning to go back to trim and do treatment (i think i'm secretly addicted to it) but i either don't have the time or Luis is fully booked. Why you so busy Luis!!! :(


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Salon Vim
313 Orchard Road
T: 68847757 / 68847767


Anyway after getting my hair done that day, i rushed down to Bangkok Jam at Wheelock for dinner! It was my first time there and honestly i wasn't expecting a lot from them since it's not like authentic thai food......or is it?


Ok le random huge face selfie appears ~~~~

IMG_4912 IMG_4910 IMG_4914 IMG_4916 IMG_4919 IMG_4922 IMG_4924

Fried Bee Hoon with Crab Meat, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry, Fish Cakes, Sambal Kang Kong, Chicken Wings

I've heard bad reviews about them, especially their fusion dishes, but the ones we order were not that bad surprisingly. Price wise, its a lil expensive for thai food but i think it's still acceptable considering you're eating at Orchard. If you are there, please do yourself a favour and order the Chicken Wings!!!

I wouldn't say it's the best thai food in SG (i love my Diandin Leluk at Golden Mile and Ah Loy Thai best) but it's still yummy! Or maybe cause i was really hungry that day mmmmm.

Bangkok Jam
501 Orchard Road
#02-04/05 Wheelock Place

Where do you always go for thai food?


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