21st (★^O^★)

Ok so i finally managed to pick out a few (ok not really...) photos from my 21st and sort them out and upload them here. Wanted to seperate them into 2 posts but decided that it's best to have them altogether instead so get ready for a really image heavy post!!!!

So for those who don't know yet, i held my 21st at Pan Pacific Singapore. I got the City Suite and it was spacious!! It has a seperate living room and bedroom, a dressing area and two toilets!


Super happy with how my banner turned out! For those who are asking on my ask.fm where i did/got it, well it's homemade with love. This was done by my girlfriend, Irina. Really touched with all the work and time she spent and put in to make it so pretty! I got the art papers from Paper Market at Plaza Sing!


My humble lil dessert table ♥.♥

SAM_0440 SAM_0437

My cake, marshmallow pops and mini cupcakes (aren't they cute?!) were done by Nicole from the-cupcake-affair. I had Nicole to bake whatever cake she wanted because i couldn't decided on one design hehe and i am really happy with what she did! It was a lil dry and the taste isn't very strong though.... but she is really good at cake designs! The marshmallow pops were a hit that night everyone loved it! And the cupcakes, as compared to my birthday cake, were damn good. They were moist and yummy and so addictive! I kept popping them into my mouth :p

IMG_4336 SAM_0623

Acelyn (owner of chaceylove) was my make up artist of the day! Hehe so happy to have my make up done by her :*

 SAM_0455 IMG_4471 IMG_4470 SAM_0461 SAM_0471

Then it was time to blow candles! My fav part other than eating and receiving prezzies hahahaha

SAM_0466 SAM_0472
SAM_0473 SAM_0463

Super happy that night i couldn't stop smiling (◕‿◕✿)

SAM_0512 SAM_0514 SAM_0482 SAM_0517

We were spamming photos until he couldn't take it hahaha


Thank you papa mama :*


My third aunt...


and my lil cousin!


Favourite girl in the whole wide world, Elinor <3


My pretty lao ban niang, Acelyn!


My favorite party/ BFF girls!!!! Missing Christine and Elvina! So thankful i met you girls.


My group of super on girlfriends....


...and boyfriends.




And then they were discussing how to tie my lil pony piñata up... :(


So i decided to take final pictures of and with it before she get smashed :'(

SAM_0526 SAM_0523

Look at this stupid boy happily waiting for me to smash it :(

SAM_0570 SAM_0548 SAM_0556 SAM_0555

And off came my pony head....

SAM_0580 SAM_0582 SAM_0583

And the body broke.....


And sweets came falling out!!!!


Oh just a picture of the back of my dress! Didn't manage to take a full OOTD that night! Super gorgeous dress with a pretty low back. LOVE low back dresses! For those who are asking, i got it from Zara!

SAM_0588 SAM_0494 SAM_0603

Cake cutting time!

SAM_0606  SAM_0611 SAM_0598

After that it was alcohol, cameras and selfies everywhere... hahahaha

IMG_4355 IMG_4331 IMG_4341 IMG_4344 IMG_4288 IMG_4351 IMG_4349 IMG_4300 IMG_4422 IMG_4297 IMG_4294 IMG_4293 IMG_4292 IMG_4291 IMG_4334

My gf sent me this the next day and i couldn't stop laughing when i saw it hahahahaha i swear we weren't even near high. I think i was asking him to do a stupid face or something like that to take a photo with me LOL

IMG_4340 IMG_4394 SAM_0683 SAM_0682 SAM_0681 SAM_0654 SAM_0651 SAM_0649


SAM_0677 SAM_0674

Eat pizza also so many pattern hehehehe so cute

SAM_0642 SAM_0632 SAM_0638 SAM_0662



Cheryl and...


Joel came down after! <3

IMG_4486 IMG_4491

While waiting for all the girls to get ready to head down to Mink!!!!

IMG_4316 IMG_4311 936476_412747788823223_1742467885_n  IMG_4314

Went to bed after that around 6 with Jen and dragged our sleepy asses up at 10 for breakfast at Edge. We can never ever go for breakfast buffets. This was only round 1 of what we took and we didn't even finish them hahaha. For those who are wondering, the spread at the buffet was pretty huge and the food was not bad!

Went back to our room after breakfast and fell asleep again until 2 before we rushed to pack and check out! Ah we are such lazy people.....

So that's all i have for my birthday party! Really thankful for those who came and even though some of you couldn't make it, i'm still really touched that y'all left me longass message to apologize and stuffs. Haha so silly! Of course i wouldn't be angry!!! Also, thank you for all those who wished me. I am really thankful to have you guys (strangers or not) around and I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH XOXOXOXO :*

You can see the whole album (click here) on my Facebook if you would like!


And if you're following me on my twitter (which you should be!!! @itsfranxcesca), you would have read my tweet about discovering the best ever macaron.

SAM_0695 SAM_0698 SAM_0701

These are from De La Creme! Freaking good macarons i've ever tasted in SG. It's not overly sweet, huge and not expensive like Laduree (which IMO, i don't think is worth the price at all. Too sweet for my liking!). I love their red velvet, earl grey and sea salt caramel (!!!!) macarons. Ordered these 3 for my dessert table and it was gone in a flash! You guys really need to check these sweet thing out, especially the sea salt macaron. Yum

De La Crème
42 Siglap Drive
Singapore 456167


I am supposed to go have my girls night tonight but i am so freaking tired so i'm gonna go rest now...
Have a smashing weekend you guys!!!!!!!!!


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