Just a mini midweek update!

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Couple weeks ago when i was on the hunt for the birthday dress!


One of my favourite pizza place - Pepperoni Pizzeria! I always go to the one at Frankel Ave! Must try the creme brulee when you're there too. Yum!

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One week ago with my pillar of strength at Carousel for a quick lunch buffet to celebrate both our 21st!


Freaking good salmon. Freaking.

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I love buffets. I just don't make the price i pay worth it. Hahaha but anyway, I haven't tried a lot of buffets in town yet but this is definitely one of the good ones among all those that i've tried! Love how friendly and sweet the staffs are! They even gave us both a huge cupcake when they realised it's our birthdays!


The famous macarons from Laduree. It really wasn't as good as i was expecting. It's a tad too sweet for me!

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Lunch at Yomenya Goemon!
Super disappointed because the first time i had this, it was really good but now it's just....meh :(


So anyway.... If you've been following me on my instagram, you would have known that i officially turned 21 on Sunday!!!! Hehehe held a party on Saturday at Pan Pacific hotel with some of my friends. Will blog about it soon! Here's just a sneak :)

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Oh and before i go! Here's something for you girls who are itching to shop!

Chic Kiss Love (read about their previous event that i participated here) will once again bring to the storefronts its' exclusively curated selection of online fashion brands in its latest shopping extravanganza. This is the second shopping spectacular that you've all been waiting for: The Shopping Meltdown.

There will be changing rooms all around for you ladies to try on the clothes before any purchases and the option of cash, NETS or credit card payments! My favourite online labels like Dressebelle, Drmers and Lacepipe will be there too YAYYY

It will be held at the Singapore Expo Foyer 2, from 11am - 9pm daily!

It's gonna be HUGE. I will be having my paper at Expo on friday so i'm gonna drop by and shop after that!!!!!!
Hehehe see you there!



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