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Super excited to share this new shop - Not Too Shabby with you guys! Really love the clothes they sell and i had sucha hard time picking my favourites! Also, before i start i just wanna say to the owner, C, that i actually meant for this post to be up last week but i was really busy with my exams so... Thank you for being so understanding!!! :*

IMG_5383 IMG_5382

Super love the material of this floral top! I think it will look really good with light denim jeans and boots too. Gonna try wearing that the next time!

IMG_4776 IMG_5282 IMG_5291

Meow tee! So freaking cute right???! I cannot even start to express how much i love this. I don't own much tees so i'm really happy to add this piece into my wardrobe! Jens loves it too so double yayyyy~~~~

IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5377 IMG_5365 IMG_5329

Definitely another piece that i love so freaking much! It makes your legs really slim and it looks so awesome in photos. You girls need to get this ASAP i swear. And if you're into Stylenanda style then all the more you need to!!!

Not Too Shabby brings you clothes that are bold, chic and fashionable, all at wallet friendly prices. They soak themselves in trends and lingos while keeping everything real at the same time! Their clothes ooze class, quirkiness and swag and they aim to bring your confidence to a whole new level while adorning their hand picked delights.

And that's true because i feel really comfortable while i'm in their clothes and that made me feel more confident about myself! And yes... i know i love to model, i love to be infront of the camera but i am actually really shy and insecure most of the time.

Anyway that aside, I'm really happy with what Not Too Shabby gifted me and i wish you girls can feel my joy too so do check out their first collection!!! I think a second collection *might* be coming up soon...? :D

Webstore: Not Too Shabby
Facebook: Not Too Shabby
Instagram: @nottooshabbyig

Have a great week ahead!
Editing photos right now (in my really sleepy mode) so a couple new posts will be up soon! XX


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