FINALLY getting these photographs of the Fashion Scout showcase up; this weekend I had friends visiting so spent my time catching up, playing silly games and going to exhibitions, which was super fun!

On Tuesday I decided to check out what was happening at Freemason's Hall and went to the George Styler show too, whose work I also saw on the catwalk last season. I'm going to be honest, his style is not my cup of tea; I didn't really like the Egyptian theme that was going on and the collection seemed very confused. I did like one of his cardigans though, (the one with the hot hair balloon on shown below), and there was also a sporty aspect to some of his outfits, which was cool.

After the show I went to a showcase down the hall, which featured loads of upcoming design talent. I instantly fell in love with a brand called Museum of Friendship, who i'll be telling you more about soon, their brand values are really lovely and their designs are kitsch but in a sophisticated way somehow. I love the stars and illustrated hands below. 

I also got to see the work of Keiko Nishiyama up close, which was fabulous - her prints are so intricate and beautiful, literally like pieces of art! I'd actually already seen her graduate collection, for which she'd looked to botanical drawings for inspiration, this year her aquarium designs were just as breathtaking. The wonderful Min Wu was also there with her stunning new sport luxe collection - it was great to see everything up close and personal, and I got to chat with the designers too, which was super interesting and inspiring.   


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