I cannot believe that yet another year has passed. My Dad once told me that as you get older time passes quicker and now I completely understand what he meant. 2014 has been a complete roller-coaster of love, happiness, creativity, progress, stress, sadness, confusion and pride; needless to say I've been so consumed by life that this last year has whizzed by!

I began 2014 recovering from months of run down illness that just didn't want to shift - it took a long Christmas break to fix me. I was in a dead-end job, which was making me grumpy, insecure and depressed. To make matters worse I didn't have any money to spend outside of work so I was bored and restless too. I filled my weekends with Matt, photography tests and blogging to keep sane. I feel very proud of everything we managed to achieve on those weekends.

It wasn't until late summer that I finally had the guts to move on and try my luck at freelancing. It was really, really tough coming from an in house job with little industry experience and putting myself out there to find work. Although it was stressful and I'm now worse off financially than I was before, taking that leap of faith was the best thing I've ever done. I spent four or so months outside of suppressing office walls focusing on myself and my career, meeting new people and seeing a side of London I'd never seen before; my eyes were opened up to a completely new way of life.  

Most importantly, all of the above has now lead to an amazing job opportunity, which I'm very excited about and starting next week! I'll tell you about it in more detail in the new year I promise! For now though I'm just about to pop into central London to brave the January sales. First point of call, Cos, of course - and I guess I'll also be checking out my other high street favourites for a few bargains, Topshop, Forever 21, you know the sorts. I hope you've all had an amazing 2014 and here's to an even more wonderful 2015 ahead!  


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