Happy New Year!!

Two hours until 2014!!!! I still cant believe how fast the year has gone.  This year for me has truly been amazing, I was the kind of person that always felt like things were never happening for me or going my way, but either way year after year I would pick myself up and keep on fighting.  This year is the first time I can say that its been the best year of my life, so many great things have happened like buying a house, getting engaged and so much more.

I have also become the person I want to be, taken more risks and finally cut out the negativity in my life 100%.  I have so much more to achieve and still wish to become a better person and I cant wait for what 2014 will bring.

I want to say a big massive thank you for all of you guys, I cant believe people actually check my blog and actually care enough to leave a comment.  I'm super grateful for the growth of my blog and its all down to you guys, Thank you so much!!!

Happy New year to you all and I hope your dreams come true in 2014 xxx


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