Tropical Stripes

Heels - Primark, old
Jumper - £8 H&M
Necklace - £3 Primark
Clutch - H&M
Skirt - £34 Ebay

Its Friday!! I love the fact that everyone is extra happy on Friday’s, only if it could be like that every day.

I wore this outfit two days ago.  The weathers not great at the moment, it’s not freezing, but I have been reverted back to wearing jumpers now and again, like you will also see in my next post.

I dusted off these Primark heels I bought about four years ago.  They were my favourite pair of shoes the year I bought them and I'm glad they’re still going strong.  What I like most about re wearing old items is that their unique and probably won’t be all over the blogosphere!

PS: Thanks to my lovely reader Emmanuella from NuellaSource for your lovely post about my blog, it really made my day! You can check it out here


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