Fuschia Blazer

Skinny Jeans - £36 Topshop
Floral vest top - £8 H&M
Silver bag - £3 Primark
Blazer -£10 Ebay
Necklace - Diamond Petal
Heels - £7 H&M (sale)

The sun is still upon us, I feel like its too good to be true and soon we will be back to normal crap British weather... let me not jinx it! lol 

I wore this outfit to work on Monday.  I didn't realize until writing the prices that all the items with the exception of the Topshop jeans are under £10! who says you have to spend a lot to look good eh.

If your on a hunt for a blazer I recommend buying this one from my Ebay link.  The quality is amazing, better then what I have seen in most shops.  I'm planning on getting a few more colours too.  Also these sandals were a steal at only £7 on sale! They look a bit blurred in the pictures, but for the price their amazing.  


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