Birthday Dress

Hey guys, I hope you're all well.  My birthday was amazing, it was more or less a birthday week!  My brother took me to STK on Thursday, which I definitely recommend especially the roof top bar, perfect to chill out after dinner.  My Family then took me to dinner in Soho on Friday. 

On Saturday I had been told I was going to a black and white party, but if it was your birthday you could wear any other colour, I choose to wear an orange dress (will post soon).  So we get to Shoreditch, there was a bouncer at the door (so it looked like a legit night club), we get upstairs and I open the door to see all my family and friends screaming surprise!!! It was the best party ever, I had no idea what they were up to.  I feel really blessed to have family and friends that would go all out to make me feel super special.

I wore this sexy red dress to my family dinner,  I wanted to enter my 30’s looking fabulous! I love this Australian store, their prices are so affordable and they have some really cute pieces.


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