Virgos Nicola Lounge Dress

Dress: £89 Virgos Lounge 
Heels: £7 H&M sale
Clutch: Primark old

Other then going to work I have been very unproductive this week.  I was actually really tired after too much celebrating  and when I went back to work on Wednesday I also had a surprise birthday dinner to go to for a work colleague  that night I got home at 3am and was up at 6am to go work!! I'm only truly recovered today.. think its old age hahaha

So remember my post on Virgos Lounge here, This is the stunning dress I picked.  I felt like a princess with it on, all I can describe it as is perfect.  It was longer than I thought if you compare it to be model wearing it, but I'm a lot shorter, but I didn't mind at all.

I also added a few pictures from the dinner, this is all my family, the people I spend most my time with.  My boyfriend aka Photographer is at the back on the left in the group picture.  My niece also helped me blow out my cake, well I had no choice really, kids LOVE blowing out candles lol ain't she cute :-)


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