Finally I've found the time to tell you about my little Scottish adventure! I went back to work last week and I'm not yet used to the early mornings so haven't really felt like blogging if I'm honest, hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon!

Any way, before last week I'd never been further South in the UK than Lincoln, so the idea of going all the way up to Aberdeen was very exciting! Matt and I got an early morning flight from London and we arrived in Aberdeen around 10am where we spent our first day exploring the city in the pouring rain. We ate out in a cafe that was also a book shop, went to a store that sold tartan everything and ended our fun in a bar that had every flavour of beer that you could think of! 

Our week was then filled with walks, spectacular views, delicious food and board games. On day two, which just so happened to be new years eve, we went for a walk around Dunnottar castle, a beautiful castle wreck right on the coast. Although a little cold and wet at times it felt fabulous to be outside in the fresh air and the scenery was breathtaking.    

That night we went to the fireball display, which you can read about here. I also need to add that on our way to the festival, (I guess it was a festival of sorts), we also stopped off at "The Carron", which claims to be the first chippie to serve battered Mars bars! Mm, delicious!

On our last full day before flying home we walked, (or shall I say ran as I was trying to keep up with Matt), up Bennachie mountain! About three quarters of the way up, I think it took about an hour to get to the top in the end, I was pretty sure I was going to die as I couldn't breathe. But alas, I made it and got to enjoy the beautiful view and burn some of the battered Mars bar off to! 


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